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Our Investment Process

Active Investing | Evidence-Based | Adapts to Changing Market Trends
Step 1

Research and evaluate thousands of mutual funds and ETFs to find funds that can help investors build long-term wealth, mitigate volatility, and/or support the issues that matter to them.

In order to participate in the full scope of market trends, we mix together a broad range of funds to compare and choose from. If we only considered growth funds, we could miss out on opportunities from value funds, and if we focused solely on US funds, we’d miss out when foreign funds are the place to be.

Step 2 

Group funds based on diversification and risk, and, to some extent, investment style or region. Our classification system recognizes that smaller-cap stocks tend to be more volatile than larger companies; emerging markets are typically less stable than developed foreign markets; and concentrated sector funds can be far more volatile than broadly diversified funds.

By building teams of funds that work well together, we can build fund portfolios that adapt to changing markets at many different risk levels.

Step 3 

Invest in funds and ETFs that are best-in-class by recent performance based on our longtime proprietary methodology and actively reposition as markets change.

By focusing on performance results, we can make objective comparisons between funds and avoid favoring any particular fund manager or fund family. This quantitative approach also helps us eliminate biases, emotions, and opinions from our investment decisions.

Over time, this process has helped us adapt to changing market trends—without having to predict market changes in advance.

Active Investing Strategies

An active approach to equity investing that uses mutual funds and ETFs to capitalize on global market trends. Includes approaches that are designed to lower volatility or increase tax efficiency. Tailored to align with your risk and goals.
Sustainable Investing
Sustainable investing
Environmental, social and governance (ESG)-integrated active investment approach that seeks to capture global market trends while rewarding funds that aim to make a positive impact. Customized to support your values and goals.
Flexible Income
Flexible Income
Award-winning flexible approach to fixed income that targets opportunities for gains in the bond market. Seeks to mitigate risk by limiting exposure to more volatile areas of the bond market and through active management.
An active approach to alternative fund investing that's designed to add diversification to a balanced account and seeks to buffer stock-market volatility with less interest-rate risk.

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