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Our Investment Process

Active | Evidence-Based | Adapts to Changing Markets

Step 1

We research and evaluate thousands of mutual funds and ETFs to find funds that can help you build long-term wealth, mitigate volatility, or support the issues that matter to you.

Step 2

We classify funds by risk instead of investment style or region, separating the most aggressive funds from the most conservative funds, so we can customize your portfolio to fit your particular risk profile.

Step 3

We invest your portfolio in funds and ETFs that are best-in-class by recent performance and actively reposition your portfolio as markets change, so you’ll stay invested in funds that are currently in favor.

Investment Strategies


An active approach to equity investing that’s designed to capitalize on global market trends. Tailored to align with your risk and goals.

Sustainable investing

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) integrated approach that seeks to capture global market trends while rewarding funds that aim to make a positive impact. Customized to support your values and goals.

Flexible Income
Flexible Income

Award-winning flexible approach to fixed income that targets opportunities for gains in the bond market. Seeks to mitigate risk by limiting exposure to more volatile areas of the bond market and through active management.

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