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Fiduciary Advisors Since 1969

FundX Investment Group was founded in San Francisco in 1969 with the simple idea that investors deserved better. Investors deserved investment advisors who would act in their best interests and active strategies to help them adapt to changing markets.

This was a pretty radical idea at the time. Back then, you typically invested through a broker, who sold mutual funds that weren’t always great investments. The funds usually had sales commissions or loads that rewarded the broker, not you.

We chose to put investors first.

We were one of the first investment advisors to use commission-free or noload funds to actively manage client accounts. We’ve always been fee-based advisors, which means we're paid by our clients, not by any fund company. 

As registered investment advisors, we’re fiduciaries who act in your best interests. We do better when you do better.

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Our Team

Janet Brown

Janet joined FundX in 1978 and has been researching mutual funds and developing effective investment strategies ever since. A frequent guest on national media, Janet’s expertise is widely recognized. She is a board member of several non-profits and foundations and a longtime advocate for sustainable responsible investing (SRI).

Jeffrey Smith
Managing Partner

Jeff Smith joined FundX in 2001 to guide marketing and publications. He is responsible for firm operations, including finance, marketing and technology and is the creator of our proprietary trading software.  Prior to FundX, Jeff served as a program manager at several large, not-for-profit firms after graduating from Willamette University.

Marty DeVault
Portfolio Manager/Principal

With FundX since 1992, Marty has managed hundreds of client accounts and leads much of the ongoing research into the Upgrading investment strategy. With a background in medical research, Marty brings deep analytical skills to the firm.

Sean McKeon
Portfolio Manager/CCO

Sean joined FundX in 1990 and has directed hundreds of client accounts, many spanning multiple generations. A member of the firm’s investment committee and director of Client Account Operations, Sean assumed the role of Chief Compliance Officer in 2015.

Dan Cozano
Investment Advisor

Dan joined FundX in 2005 with over 20 years in the industry. As investment advisor, Dan directs private client accounts while providing a personal and customized approach to help clients reach their long-term goals. His previous positions include supervisor of client services, training and education representative, portfolio administrator, operations consultant, trader, and relationship manager. 

Rohan Nayak CFP ®
Investment Advisor

Rohan is an Investment Advisor and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. As a member of the financial planning team, Rohan is involved in developing and stress-testing financial plans for clients, with a focus on retirement, education, insurance, and other financial aspects of life.

Josephine Lacuesta
Client Service Supervisor

Josephine started at FundX in 2008 as a client service specialist. As the chief liaison between our clients and our custodians, Josephine works directly with our portfolio managers to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction. A veteran of the securities industry, she has worked at Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley.

Mark Dea
Head Trader

Mark started at FundX in 2006 as an associate trader for client accounts. He now handles the day-to-day trades for the FundX family of mutual funds and oversees the trades for client accounts. Mark is a graduate of University of California at Davis.

P. Schroeder

P. leads FundX's editorial and communications efforts, writing articles, commentary, blog posts, and emails to promote the firm's perspective, strategies, and products. She oversees FundX's monthly newsletter and social media, and contributes to client and shareholder reports.

Natalie Schlegel
Operations Manager

Natalie helps FundX align day-to-day projects with its business goals. She organizes and manages projects for business development, client services, and publications teams. She works with marketing to build and maintain relationships by managing our CRM with Salesforce Financial Service Cloud. 

J. Matsuda
Data Manager

Jay started at FundX in 2005.  He manages the fund database and conducts research on the Upgrading strategy. Prior to FundX, Jay promoted international trade, investment, and relations between Osaka and the State of California. Jay is a graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa with an MBA from San Jose State University.

Chen Truong
Operations Associate

Chen joined FundX in 2000 as circulation assistant. His current role encompasses operations, newsletter subscriptions and portfolio data support.

William McDonnell
Compliance Manager

Bill joined FundX in 2016 and brings over thirty years of experience in the compliance field with deep background in the securities industry. Bill is a graduate of UC Hastings College of the Law.