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Comprehensive Financial Planning

How FundX helps you financially prepare for life’s changes.

Clarity & Confidence at Every Stage of Life

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Starting out: Working professionals  
  • How much should I be saving and where should I put it?

  • How should I manage my debt?

  • Should I sell my stock options/awards?

  • What’s the best way to fund my upcoming goals - marriage, new home?

  • Should I contribute to an IRA or an HSA or both?

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Mid-Life Focus: Career & family 
  • Am I being tax efficient with my income and savings?

  • How do I best plan for and fund my kids' college education? 

  • Do I have sufficient emergency reserves?

  • Do I have enough liability insurance (life, disability, umbrella)?

  • Do I need a living trust?

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Your Second Act: Retirement 
  • Can I retire now or should I wait a few more years? 

  • What’s the best way to replace income in retirement? 

  • How do I plan for health-care costs? Is my health care/Medicare coverage enough?

  • When I stop working, which account should I withdraw from?

  • When should I take Social Security?

Our planning process from start to finish

Step 1:
Decide where you’re going


What are your goals for yourself, your family, and your future? 

Step 2:
Determine where you’re starting

Street View

Review your budget, organize your accounts, and analyze your investments. Identify the optimal amount of risk for your plans to be successful.

Step 3: 
Map out how to move forward

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Stress-test your plans to make sure they’re solid, and start to implement your plan.

Step 4: 
Monitor your progress


Adapt to changes in the market and in your life.

What's Included in Financial Planning?

✔ Retirement planning
✔ Education funding
✔ Cash flow management
✔ Risk management
✔ Estate planning
✔ Debt management
✔ Investment management
✔ Income tax planning


Find out how planning can help simplify your financial life.

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