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  • Model portfolios –The Monthly Upgrader Portfolio and the Monthly Flexible Income Portfolio show you exactly what funds to buy and what funds to sell each month.
  • FundXpress – Our back page FundXpress makes it easy to see what funds to buy, hold or sell. It’s easy to spot top performing funds– they’re at the top of the ranks.
  • Performance Data on Hundreds of NoLoad Funds & ETFs  - You’ll find up-to-date performance on hundreds of mutual funds and ETFs.
  • Risk Classifications – We separate funds into risk classes so that you’ll know if  fund is a speculative, sector fund or a core, diversified fund – before you buy it.

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  • FundX Interactive - Our sort-able online database of funds allows you to find performance data for just one fund or for all the funds we cover. You can look at just ETFs or just market indexes. Want to see if we cover a specific fund? Just enter the ticker in the Fund Lookup box and click Find This Fund.
  • More Guides –  Find the complete User’s Guide to NoLoad FundX or read expanded reports on Exchange Traded Funds, Fixed Income Investing, asset allocation and more.
  • Archives  – Unlimited access to an archive of back issues.

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