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December 2020
"The Art of Tax-Loss Harvesting"
FundX advisor and Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Rohan Nayak discussed who should be tax-loss harvesting and why.
October 2020
"Why These Foreign-Stock Funds Could Outshine US Funds"
FundX CEO Janet Brown explained why this could be a good time to own foreign funds.
August 2020
"Alternative Funds Help Balance Volatile Portfolios"
FundX CEO Janet Brown shared how alternative funds can offset volatile portfolios.
July 2020
"FundX CEO Janet Brown on Money Life with Chuck Jaffe"
FundX CEO Janet Brown discussed fund & ETF investing during Covid-19.
FundX CEO Janet Brown on TD Ameritrade Network
November 2019
October 2019
"7 Things to Know About Money Market Mutual Funds"
FundX Portfolio Manager Sean McKeon explained how money-market funds can earn higher interest than cash accounts.
July 2019
"Finding Happily Ever After"
FundX CEO Janet Brown talked about momentum investing (see page 16). "We invest according to what is actually happening in global markets rather than guessing or projecting what we think should happen," Janet said.
July 2019
"The Pros and Cons of Low-Volatility ETFs"
FundX Managing Partner Jeff Smith talked about which low-volatility ETFs to own.
June 2019
"Janet Brown on Money Life With Chuck Jaffe"
FundX CEO Janet Brown discussed FundX's investment strategy and what funds are in favor now.
April 2019
"How to Help Sustainable Investors (Even If It's Not Your Interest)"
In her ThinkAdvisor column, FundX CEO Janet Brown shared five ways advisors can help the next generation of investors with sustainable investing.
December 2018
"Markets Revolt as Steadfast Powell Downplays Recent Sell-Off"
FundX CEO Janet Brown talked how investors are responding to volatile markets. “People are taking risk off and reallocating assets," Janet said.
FundX CEO Janet Brown on CNBC The Closing Bell
September 2018
June 2018
"Can Governance Impact Investing Make a Difference?"
FundX President Janet Brown's article explains how index funds and actively managed funds can make a positive impact.
January 2018
"Passive Index Funds Pushed To Be More Active Voice For ESG"
FundX President Janet Brown discussed a correlation between higher ESG factors and positive returns.
FundX President Janet Brown talks market corrections on CNBC
March 2018
May 2017
"How to Invest Without Sacrificing Your Values"
FundX President Janet Brown discussed how investors can help change corporate behavior.
August 2017
"Socially-Responsible Investing: Earn Better Returns From Good Companies"
FundX President Janet Brown was one of three sustainable investing experts featured. "Good environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors have been linked to good performance, and funds that have done well recently tend to continue doing well in coming months or even year," Janet noted.
FundX President Janet Brown on managing risk on CNBC The Closing Bell
August 2017
April 2017
"How ESG Funds Have Changed Corporate Behavior"
FundX President Janet Brown explained how funds tap into their power as shareholders and engage with companies to help change corporate behavior for the better.
January 2017
"How to bet on stock market momentum"
FundX has "the best-performing momentum strategy over the long term, among the couple of hundred strategies I have tracked over the last three decades," Mark Hulbert.
FundX President Janet Brown on CNBC The Closing Bell
February 2017