Star Box Portfolios

Five-Fund Portfolios

The Star Boxes, on page 4, are one of the longest running features in NoLoad FundX. Initially, the Star Boxes mechanically changed each month to show the top funds, but this resulted in very concentrated portfolios and excessively high turnover.

Today’s Star Boxes are managed portfolios. FundX portfolio managers select from among the top-ranked funds to create more diverse five-fund portfolios. Funds are held a minimum of 90 days, which helps manage turnover, and funds remain in the portfolio as long as they continue to rank as a Buy or a Hold on the back page FundXpress.

Star Boxes At-A-Glance

  • Five-fund portfolios for each equity risk class (typically used in combination).
  • Follows FundXpress: Funds are bought when they rank as a Buy, held when ranked as a Hold and replaced when ranked as a Sell.
  • A holding period of at least 90 days, often longer, can help avoid redemption fees and keep lower portfolio turnover. (ETFs may be held for shorter periods).
Star Box